Fire Truck 60107


I wanted to try doing another stop motion build video like the LEGO pizza van video. I picked the LEGO fire truck since it wasn’t too big and it was already built.

To start with I took some footage of the fire truck moving around to play with how fast the truck should move. I hadn’t done any vehicle movement so I needed to try a few different sets of movement to make something that look good. I included some of these test shots in the final video towards the end. I also wanted to include some use of the fire truck after it was built. This is where the idea of the firetruck rotating and the ladder going up and down came from.

As well as this I decided to include the scene of the firefighter putting out the fire. The only tricky part here was moving the minifig across the flat surface. But as usual stick tack helped with that.

For the actual build part of the video I wanted to do more than I did in the LEGO pizza van video. Since I had the fire truck already built I did the build in reverse. I did 3 or so movements for each piece as they came off the fire truck. I moved the pieces off to the side before starting on the next piece. I just continued this process until all the pieces were removed. There were a few tricky parts trying to take pieces off without moving the rest of the fire truck too much. I used some stick tack under the wheels to stop them moving. This worked pretty well. Also as it got down to the last few pieces I ended up having to rebuild some of it to hold it together since I wasn’t taking it apart in the exact way it would be built.

Once all the pieces were apart it was just a matter of reversing the whole sequence to have it look like it was being built.

Overall I was happy enough with this. I do think the lighting could have been better. The images are slightly under exposed. The lights were bright but I never double checked the images after taking a few to make sure it was exposed correctly.


Things to improve on:

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