Walk and Zoom Test


I only had a short time for this video so I just did a basic walk cycle for practice. I spent some time trying to match up the sound of the footsteps with the actual steps of the minifigure. There is only so much you can do with the built in sound effects in Stop Motion Studio however. Also it is kind of a pain to do this type of work on an iPhone. A proper computer would be much better for this, unfortunately Stop Motion Studio doesn’t run on windows and I don’t have a Mac to run it.

I also played around with zooming in Stop Motion Studio. It provides an easy interface to zoom into an image but no control over what part of the image to zoom into. So to zoom into something not in the center of the input it would involve moving the camera as well as zooming.

Overall this was just a quick play around with some of the features of Stop Motion Studio that I had not used before.


Things to improve on:

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